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Pine, Kwila and Composite Decks, Perfectly Crafted, Every time

At Master Decks we hold a high standard for quality making us your go to contractors for timber decks, from Kwila to Pine no matter the height.

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Considering Which to Choose?

Kwila (Hardwood)

Kwila is the most popular hardwood for decking in New Zealand. Because it is stronger and frequently imported, it costs more than pine. It can support weight, resists termites, and endures for a long time (as long as you take care of it!). In Kiwi weather, kwila wood will gradually expand. Kwila is a beautiful wood that resembles indoor flooring more than outside decking. Its hues run the gamut from pale to dark reddish brown. However, when exposed to water, this vivid colour may bleed out and damage neighbouring surfaces. Sunlight will gradually turn Kwila a greyish colour. You must stain and oil Kwila annually to preserve its original colour and prevent splitting. To alter its colour, you can stain it.

Treated Pine (Softwood)

In New Zealand, treated pine is a well-liked softwood option. That's because it's low-maintenance, attractive, affordable, and of great quality. Pine comes in two grades: merchandising and premium. Merch is more affordable, but it has more knots and is prone to bending. Although pine is fairly durable, it is not as hard as hardwood. As a result, you must consider the weight it can support and keep in mind that it is readily scratched and dented.
The colour of new pine is yellow or white, with somewhat darker knots. It turns a rustic, silver colour as it ages. Not pleased with the colour? Nothing to worry about! Pine paints nicely and can be stained to your preferences. To keep pine from deteriorating, you must oil it once a year.

Solid Composite Decks

Composite decking is a type of synthetic wood created from recycled plastic and natural fibres like rice husks. It resembles wood but is a more durable, eco-friendly option that requires less upkeep. It is resistant to water, mould, and mites and won't split or dent. Composite decking costs more than traditional wood, but it will endure longer than a timber deck. Additionally, because it doesn't need to be stained or oiled, you will spend less time maintaining it over time. It is available in a variety of brown, grey, and blue shades that won't fade as rapidly as wood.

Softwood and Hardwood Decks, Artfully Crafted and Fully Operable

Master Decks Auckland can build you a beautiful pine or kwila deck that will add value to your home. Decks can be as simple or complex as you desire, all thanks to our design and construction services we can give you confident and sound advice where needed.  Adding a deck to your home is a great way to maximize its potential for relaxation and entertainment. A well-built deck can also increase the value of your home and improve its aesthetic appeal. It gives you and your loved ones a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Quality Guarantee

Our Guarantee is followed and enforced by every member of the Master team. This guarantees that you will have the best possible service and quality on your next fence.

Nobody likes a subpar job and we are so confident in our skills and knowledge that we guarantee all our work, we like to do each and every job right the first time so you can be rest assured that your deck will be perfect every time with us. If there is a problem regardless of how big or small, we will listen and fix it no matter what the hurdle is.

Please call us anytime with any questions or concerns; our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience.


Professional Decking Services

Master Decks provides first-rate service alongside an extensive array of high-quality decking products.

We can construct any kind of deck you can imagine, from a modest pine deck to a modern composite or kwila deck

Can’t decide which decking option will best meet your needs? Not to worry, because we have some excellent, family-friendly recommendations.

Why Master Decks?

When it comes to deck construction in the Auckland area, no one does it better than Master Decks. We love working with commercial builders, homeowners, and business owners to make their visions of beautiful new pine, kwila or composite decks a reality.
When you hire us for your custom deck project, our professionals will take great care to ensure that every aspect of your project is built on a solid foundation, from the initial planning stages to the final walk-through.

Our ultimate goal is for each of our clients to feel like they received the best possible decking service from us. That’s why we’re still regarded as Auckland’s best decking company.

A deck can be built by anyone, but nobody can match our quality of work. Guaranteed.

Masters of The Craft

Our expert deck builders have mastered every conceivable design of a deck.

Experience, Experience, And Experience

Even though we have years of experience under the belt, we’re always improving and perfecting our services.

You Always Come First

All of our efforts are focused on satisfying your requirements. Customers come first at our deck company, even before profits.

If You Need Any Assistance, Please Let Us Know!

We realize that as the market has expanded, so too has the importance for the consumer to know and be involved in what they are getting when they hire a contractor. Contact us today and help us understand your needs.